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A turtleful day in the neighborhood

Hermit thrush is the verdict of the helpful identifiers on iNaturalist:

What a cooperative little bird posing beside the boardwalk for a photo! These days I am torn between walking at Oak Point and walking at the Heard Wildlife Sanctuary a few miles to the north. Excited about the birdwatching spots on Oak Point's new trail,  but I still needed to check the progress of the Heard's wetlands. So please excuse the deviation from this blog's intended subject.

The bright sun and low angle made for intriguing illusions in the wetlands. The trees, the tree reflections in the water, and the shadows crossing made my eyes pop.

Best of all, a full Yertle of turtles were out enjoying the gorgeous afternoon, unperturbed by many little boys rapping sticks against the rails of the boardwalk. The turtles have it good, and they know it.

My dad passed away five years ago today. He was always disappointed about my failure to golf, but he did teach me the value of "unlaxing" in nature. On beyond relaxing there's a space of spiritual refueling and mindful focus. Return to it often.

© 2014-2017 Nancy L. Ruder