Killdeer distracting

I must have been very near the nest, as the killdeer put on a three-act play of the famous "broken wing distraction" in the gravel part way up the meadow. The bird fanned its rusty tail several times and did a convincing dance-of-the-injured. Alas, this is the best photo of the performance:

And I have no photo at all of the two snakes waving their heads above the water after they slid from under the grass into the lake. I can say two snakes sliding into the water make a very different sound from two turtles doing the same. Were they eyeing me or taunting me after their escape?

Four turtles were constructing a Yertle tower near five ducklings:

And a hairstreak on antelope-horns milkweed.

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No time for a bluebonnet roadtrip

Thanks, Plano, for the bluebonnets that bloom along Spring Creek Parkway near the Oak Point Amphitheater. And thanks, Collin County, for dismissing me from jury duty.

Bluebonnets and crimson clover

Indian paintbrush

Eve's necklace

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