The other Oak Point

Best birthday wishes to the inspiration for all my blogs for all these fifteen and a quarter years! While I report on my tramps around Oak Point Nature Preserve in Plano, my official muse lives in the smallish Texas city of Oak Point in the next county over on the shady shores of Lake Lewisville.

Have a great year of weaving, sewing, and quilting, Ms. Juliet!

© 2014-2018 Nancy L. Ruder


Fresh wind

In a shocking development, it did not feel muggy this morning. The wind whipped up waves on the lake, where the water level was much higher than a week ago.

Cooperative widow-skimmer (male)

This black-and-yellow argiope spider seemed to glow in the shadows near the picnic pavilion. Its relative down by the lake was blowing gently on its web between shrubby plants.

© 2014-2018 Nancy L. Ruder