Dragonflies are June good guys


Should I be afraid or fascinated? I was ten years old. I was sitting in the tall grass beside a dredged lake holding a bamboo fishing pole. A large insect was sitting on the pole staring at me with enormous eyes.

"Don't be afraid," our host said. "Dragonflies just eat mosquitoes." I still wasn't comfortable being stared at, but I was in favor of anything that ate mosquitoes. I was coated with Insect Repellent 6-12, and the smell was making my eyes water. Nasty stuff!

Here are a few dragonfly good guys photographed at Oak Point Nature Preserve in Junes past and present:




Spotted a gorgeous red skimmer on the Willow Springs trail last Sunday, but couldn't get near enough for a
photo. The close-up photo was taken in a different Plano park.

 Rustic skimmer, Oak Point 6/15/2014

Red skimmer, Rustic Park, September 2010

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