Mispronunciation phobia rears its ugly head

Nope, it's not an ARGH-ee-OPE! I hope you have not stumbled with me into the sticky web of mispronunciation in public! It's a scary place, with old family baggage covered in cobwebs.

Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden 8/15/2014
George the giant giraffe loves gelato. The black and yellow Argiope aurantia prefers grasshopper smoothies. She does not dip crispy critters in Ranch!

Argiope is Latin for “with bright face” (Cameron 2005);
aurantia, in Latin, basically means “overlaid with gold”. 

The first time I spotted an Argiope wrapping a grasshopper was out at Oak Point in 2010.  This spider lady is a fabulous "visual aid" teaching tool at my new job. I still worry about saying her name incorrectly, so I asked some kids what her name should be. They liked Sophia for the spider.

"This is probably a bogus fear of Greek terms or complex scientific terminology. Perhaps it's just fear of mispronouncing them!" My own mispronunciation fears go beyond scientific words into the names of famous musical composers. It defies diagnosis and treatment, like a recurring phantom rash.
The following photos were all taken at Oak Point Nature Preserve. 
July 21, 2013 Dragonfly for dinner

September 9, 2011
November 14, 2011
June 25, 2013
Halloween 2011

Sophia Louise

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