There's so much more to life

Life cycles are so amazingly complex and simple and graceful and violent -- and that's just the photographers jostling for position!

The unfolding drama on the passiflora vine continues. Sunday a gulf fritillary caterpillar began the process of forming a chrysalis.

Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden 

September 15, 2014 RMCAG

Another chrysalis, same fence

What is going on inside that chrysalis? The transformation is almost beyond comprehension. Here's just a snippet of the changes to the digestive system between caterpillar and butterfly from the Living With Insects blog.

Had a rare chance to walk at Oak Point Monday, and spotted just a few fritillaries. This one was the most cooperative:

Near the lake September 15, 2014

Oak Point August 5, 2012 Gulf fritillary
Spring Creek trail near the 75/"George Bush" interchange

Camo fritillary October 22, 2013 Spring Creek trail
Sensitive folks should avert their eyes:

Fritillaries mating October 3, 2012 near Plano, TX

Also October 3, 2012

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