Sore eyes eye sore

New litter awareness duties at work have aggravated my regular winter litter aggravation. Every January I get the blue bag blues. Blue plastic bags stand out trapped between stones and caught in the roots along winter creeks.

January To Do List:

Take down the blue Christmas tree lights--Check.
Continue to visually search for blue in the grayness of winter--Check.
Find lots of blue litter--Check.
Write grumpy letters about litter...

The woodpeckers were having a jam session this cold noon, but I couldn't spot them up in the silhouetted branches. Frozen fingers clicked the camera button for an Oak Point litter snapshot in time.

No woodpeckers were featured on NPR's Beat Week. These interviews with drummers about drumming were great fun. Check them out here.

And some of today's blue litter all found near the Rowlett Creek Trail Connection:

Kind of blue? If you need some cheering up, try Blue Train. Use only as directed.


Debra said...

Thanks for finding some humour in this. Ever notice just how much trash is made of plastic? Ugh.

Collagemama said...

Yes, Debra, I do notice the plastic. And the styrofoam, too. Thanks for commenting.