For a limited time only

Just for a bit in Mother Nature's time scheme you can see the rest of the very cool hollow log on the Willow Springs Trail at Oak Point. I'll be watching for fancy fungi to appear on this now famous tree.
And almost before I can comprehend it, the log will become rich earth on the forest floor.

Willow Springs Trail, February 15, 2015
On the other side of town kids have rolled rocks and acorns down sections of the log. They've played rock-a-bye baby, and pretend paddled a birchbark canoe.

Even grown-ups can't help looking through the long tunnel. They ask who hollowed the log. Ah, that's a good question!

 Decomposing stump, January 10, 2015
 How long will the transformation of "my" special log take? I'll keep you posted!

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Debra said...

When my son was little this was the kind of toy he loved best -- sticks and rocks and mud. I am looking forward to seeing its transformation over time. Thanks!