Earth Day Birthday Wishlist

Where's Consumer Reports when you need it? I want a totally awesome five star unbreakable life-time guaranteed litter pick-up stick for personal use. It does not need to be monogrammed or engraved, but it needs to be a durable handy helper on hikes, not an encumbrance.

I'm on a personal mission against styrofoam litter in my favorite parks. This scourge must be wiped off the face of our favorite blue planet. My oath-sworn campaign does not include bending over or touching gacky items. It does not allow prolonged interference with my photo/exercise hiking goals. Climbing up and down muddy creek banks is a NOPE, but occasional wading may be scheduled in advance.

Litter grabbers with suction cups don't seem to last.

Litter tongs are an interesting option, but I might never eat tossed salad again.

Litter spear-spikes are old school.

Litter jaws of doom are effective but reminiscent of my dad's nursing home aggravations.

What I really want for my Earth Day birthday is the super power to just look at litter and zap it out of existence with my super-concentrated eye-rays. Use the force, Nancy Lou.

By the way, it's time for you and your neighbors to register for the Great American Cleanup/Earth Day Celebration.

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Debra said...

Yes! And thank you. If you find the perfect picker-upper lemme know! I like the length of the spear but some things get so caught in brush you kind of need a claw to extract them.

Collagemama said...

I'm leaning toward the claw. Maybe made of titanium!