Like white is to rice OR when wildflowers wear hoodies the aliens have landed

Caddo Trail April 3, 2015
It's April and the trails are lined with these wonderful, confusing wildflowers! I'm grateful my "wildflower colors" program for early childhood next weekend can stick with colors and not worry much about identification. Every spring I try to sort it out, and every spring I fail.

These are not the earliest white flowers in the woods. Those are skinnier and more prolific, but they do not wear hoodies. These are not the smelly relatives of onion and garlic that look like aliens from a primitive Sixties tv show either. Danger, Will Robinson!

Debra wrote a post trying to sort out crow poison, allium, and star-of-bethlehem. So close in appearance--how close? Like white is to rice, Stevie Ray.

Every spring the flowers pictured below dot the slope of Rustic Park and smell strongly of onions. They seem out of this world, but are the beginnings of soups and stews and primitive earthy foods. Looks can be deceiving.


Thank heaven for easier IDs like fleabane daisies.

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Debra said...

Argh. heh. Just this week I saw something very like your first picture but it was mixed in with some blue-eyed grass. Is it a white form? But no matter what the name ... aren't they gorgeous!

Collagemama said...

I love the little royal crowns in the centers.

Liesl said...

I saw these today in the woods at Oak Point, are they Star of Bethlehem or still unidentified? :) They were not clustered together as much as some of the photos I've seen of Star of Bethlehem.