Rain, rain, go away!

Rowlett Creek Trail starts here. The hiker heads off the sidewalk and just a few feet beyond this sign stares down the steep banks to the small stream of Rowlett Creek way below. A pair of cardinals might be bathing. An egret might wade this way. The hiker takes note of the presence or absence of litter, and shifts into an Oak Point state of mind.

That's the way in a different May. Yesterday something appeared to be swimming across the sidewalk. Through the trees the top of Rowlett Creek was moving past fast. That sidewalk leads down a slight hill to the lake. But now that sidewalk is dumping water into the lake. The flow has washed out a picnic spot.

It'll take awhile to dry, but I'll be excited to see the changes made by all this water. The mosquito prospects are scary, though!

May is the rainiest month in North Texas, and this has been the rainiest May on record. Yes, it follows several years of drought. Interesting to see the rainiest month ever, April 1922, followed the driest year ever, 1921.

May 1990 was no slouch in the rainy month contest. We moved to Plano twenty-five years ago  this weekend. Our trips for house-hunting and moving were soggy, with detours for flooded Interstate 35 ramps.

The fishing pier looks like a giant crustacean crawling out of the water.

Future Parks & Rec Department headquarters

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Debra said...

Apt description of the pier! You know it is wet when you see kildeer frolicking on your neighbour's lawn. I laughed out loud.