Blue and widowed and standing on my head

Sharp-dressed stunners are abundant in the meadow and along the creek. The female Widow Skimmers were everywhere in the tall grass, circling and returning to the same perch once they got used to me being there. Of course, the chiggers took advantage of my patient wait for a better photo! 

Female Widow Skimmer 

Swift Setwing trying to cool off by standing on its head

Unidentified blue damselfly

Now that I know how to net, chill, and warm up dragonflies, I'm pondering a cyanotype sun print art project. Just trying to push the A into STEM.

Splurged last spring on this seven dollar waterproof folding dragonfly guide, Dragonflies of Texas: A Guide to Common and Notable Species, by James L. Lasswell and Forrest L. Mitchell. Too bad there isn't a similarly useful guide for damselflies of Texas.

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Debra said...

Oh. That looks like a good one. Damselflies are tough to id! I sent a picture to BugGuide once and never did get a response. =(

Collagemama said...

Debra--I post photos on iNaturalist and usually get a response using the "Please ID" option. The response might be within minutes or months. BugGuide did not work for me, either. TAMU extension is another option.

Debra said...

Thanks so much for that tip. I used to get quick responses on BugGuide. Too bad. I ma not sure what has happened over there. iNaturalist does look busier.