Good week for herons, bad week for patio umbrellas

I'm growing very fond of the green heron hanging out in the creek at the Environmental Education Center. It is sustaining me through a time without Oak Point visits. It stalks the little critters in the water, and from above looks like a gray rock sticking out of the water. In flight its gives an impression of green. Otherwise, I would think it misnamed.

The green heron is showing off its yellow legs, reminding me of the Capulets' yellow leggings. A month ago those legs were bright orange when he was looking for a lady friend.

I took the photo of the green heron with the zoom on my little Canon PowerShot ELPH 340 HS. Switched to the macro and took this dragonfly shot without moving. We were all glad to see the sun after two days of Tropical Depression Bill.

May 20 orange legs in high breeding plumage
Bill created very scary driving situations, and threw temper tantrums with patio umbrellas. Bill pulled them out of their stands and flew them. He dumped one in a flower bed. The other sailed about the length of a city block and landed in the creek, pole end sticking straight up. Mary Poppins meets the Wizard of Oz!

Returning from an errand, I finally spotted the pole from my car. It looked like a measuring device, but eventually I realized what I was seeing. I'd just seen a yellow-crowned night heron catching tasty tidbits in a pool of standing water by the car dealerships. It's "mask" made my day!

Changed into grubbies and wellies for my umbrella retrieval mission. A water-soaked patio umbrella is not a cooperative dance partner, and it weighs a ton. Amazing to find the spokes in good shape.
Completing my "other duties as assigned", I helped move soggy mulch from the drop-off pile closer at the street.
Yellow-crowned night heron

Different creek, different job, but good to see a heron on lunch break any time. August 2013 in Highland Park.

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Debra said...

Aren't herons fun to watch! They are so beautiful. I love watching them hunt fish.