Wee Friendly Flyers

Cute. Small. Furry. Everywhere. Patio or backdoor, fancy garden, prairie, meadow. This evening I salute skipper butterflies.

Good-natured, self-confident, rarely intimidated. Entertaining dancers, but can pass unnoticed just sipping flower nectar under the radar.

The perfect guests, skippers bring the guacamole AND the chips, chat with your visiting aunt, and then stay to help clean up.

Oak Point June 27, 2014
Note on the identification of skipper butterflies. Don't.

There are so many kinds that I've chosen to celebrate their be-happy-don't-worry message, and not wonder too much.

My mom, Fritzi's ©1951 Peterson Field Guide to the Butterflies of North America East of the Great Plains, by Alexander B. Klots, gives me a headache peering at the teeny print and black/white illustrations of skippers. Mom's reference has two color plates for this huge family of butterflies--one standing out in front of the sod house, and one at a 50th wedding anniversary party.

My 1995 printing of the ©1981 National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Butterflies is much more generous, but the text is still teeny. Color photos numbered 133 to 315 are all skippers.

Butterflies of North America by Jeffrey Glassberg  spotlights a couple skippers with full page photos.One shows how a skipper folds its wings into newspaper hats and cloth napkin animals. Or not.

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