Humpty Dumpty Photoshop

Put two shots together to show the enormous tree that pulled out of the ground and toppled during our wet December. It stood like a guard at the split of the Rowlett Creek Trail and the Rowlett Creek Trail Connection. We had to crouch way over to go under the tree, and I admit to hoping it would not make its final crash to the ground in that moment. On Christmas Day kids were scampering up and over the giant bridge while their mothers shrieked at them to get down.

Willow Springs Trail used to pass between two sentinels. Earlier this fall both trees pulled out of the ground and fell, one to the southwest and the other to the northeast. Now the trail passes between the roots.

In some spots a fallen tree slid down the steep bank into the creek and left a ski trail. Many times we clambered over trunks that fell across the trail, and we did not look like Bambi leaping gracefully. Finally the mud won, and we had to turn back.

© 2014-2015 Nancy L. Ruder

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