If Then Changes Yield

You're pretty sure you are still 34, and then you find the postcard in your mailbox with the large type inviting you to a free dinner and presentation about buying your cemetery plot and putting affairs in order at some medium level suburban hotel ballroom. And you think if they were serving prime rib it might be worth it.

The insults dogpile slowly. First AARP with its ads for walk-in bathtubs and life alert buttons. Then the doc's demands for that colonoscopy. Needing the magnifying glass for the NY Times crossword which you can still solve if you could just see it, thank you very much! Your brain profiles on Lumosity are not trending upward at a perky slant, and you can't spell your way out of a paper bag any more.

Why don't the horses ever yield? If you are on a bike you yield to pedestrians AND horses. If you are a pedestrian you yield to horses, but are yielded to by bicyclists. Rock smashes scissors. Scissors cut paper. Berries must be to the left of Corn.

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