Green relief

Had to share my day off sunshine walk with students out of school for President's Day. There was vitamin D enough for all, and much-needed bits of color. Butterflies, white, yellow, tawny, and hairstreak, fed at early-blooming weeds, too busy to be photographed. Tiny birds celebrated the return of green to the Old Oaks Trail.

Just down the bike trail from the kestrel box there's a starter home vacant. It needs minor repairs and Styrofoam remediation. Good to see it's uncontaminated by cigarette filters.

Near the zip line these neon pink plastic plumes mark a trail. What do they mean?  A battle plan for the invasion of Troll Dolls? Revenge of the cosmic badminton birdies?

On a serious note, these photos of a bustling community in a mud puddle. Former coworkers would know all about these snails, and whether I'm seeing baby fish or tadpoles. 

Climbing into the Buick after listening to a medley of mockingbird hits, a young man climbing out of his car wished me blessings and kindness. I wished him sunshine. We waved good bye and good day.

© 2014-2016 Nancy L. Ruder

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