Beware snakes and cyclops

Polyphemus giggles. Medusa needs a haircut before the wedding reception.

Many a sailor has lost his way, but the bobcat has lost its trail. Instead of Bobcat Trail there's a big gravel road. The road's only a third of a mile long, but the gravel is large and chunky economy size. What's up with this?

Where Bobcat Trail used to meet Willow Springs

Hackberry butterfly soaking sun on the rock road
Rock road goes all the way to Jupiter Road.
The road leads to Jupiter Road near the site of the old beaver dam. Will the road be a permanent fixture in the nature preserve? Much as I understand that the primary function of the preserve is to manage floodwaters, I get grumpy when humans mess with my special place. It must be a romantic/transcendentalist artist bias. I'm okay when the beavers mess with the arrangement of water features in the preserve. I'm happy to observe fallen trees and their decomposition that reminds me I'm dust to dust. Still, it really hacks me off when people alter the park. I've only just gotten over the whole zip-line installation, and now this! Still, I hear the siren song of October.

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