ABC perfect visit to OP


About improvements at the park: I'm excited to see this step in the master plan underway.. 

Anticipating:  "New concrete recreational trail approximately 0.5 mile in length connecting from the Nature and Retreat Center to the Oak Point Amphitheater parking lot. This trail will include a prefabricated corten steel pedestrian bridge over Rowlett Creek and a scenic overlook in the wooded area on the west side of the creek. A portion of the trail will be built as an above ground boardwalk system through a sensitive environmental wetland zone."

The map on this sign is available here.  The text is available here.

Bees and basket flowers

Some very large native bees with black abdomens as shiny as patent leather Sunday School Mary Janes in the noontime sun declined to be photographed.

Basket flowers return and make me ridiculously happy, almost as glad as spring's herald, the trout lilies.


Caddo Trail sightings:


Camouflaged moth: 
Can you spot it?


Dicksissels were calling their loud "dick sissel cham cham cham cham" in the low meadow.

This dam spider, a long-jaw, is dressed up in its best jasper bolo tie, reminding me of my Granddad.


Etiquette question: What is the proper way for a turtle to eat a fish larger than itself? No photos of this bizarre sight down at the dam, but I do have a red admiral butterfly dining upside-down.

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