Picked up lunch from Five Guys when my appointment was short. Celebrating the bonus gift of leisure time on a perfect noon at one of Oak Point's picnic tables by the lake, I just sat listening to waves lap against the bank. Twirling fries in ketchup I was treated to fish jumping, a bluebird sitting on the trash receptacle, an egret moving ever so slowly along the opposite shore.

                            MONTAILLOU: The Promised Land of Error by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie
Aeronautical masterpieces skimmed just above the surface of the lake on elegant strafing runs. Are they swallows? Are they purple martins? I never remember, and just this once it doesn't seem to matter. It is just good, sunny, sparkling, breezy. Is sitting in the sunshine senility or serenity?

This medieval soap opera of sin, sex, and shepherding in a Pyrenees village in the early 14th century was a birthday gift. An amazing read, I appreciated the villagers' lesson of being somewhat underemployed. They appreciated time sitting on a bench in the sunshine. True, the villagers were often delousing each other while they enjoyed their break, but my little picnic was close enough.

Swallowtails and American Lady butterflies were sipping lunches from basketflowers. A kestrel enjoyed a grasshopper nacho. At the dam one spider neatly devoured another. Be sure to read lunch invitations carefully!

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