Fish nests stalking

Not to be confused with fishnet stockings, so if you misspelled your search, please GO BACK. Do not collect $200.

Until I saw these sunny males hanging out in their gravel nests I had completely forgotten the peculiar mating habits of our fishy friends. These males have fanned gravel with their tails to make perfectly circular love nests in Rowlett Creek. The sunfish have a lovely spot, but must loiter until ladies arrive for spawning festivities to begin. Once in awhile they swim over to the next circle nest to tell that guy a joke involving noisy body functions, but mostly they just tread hot Galliano-colored shallow creek water and wish they had wifi.

Sunfish nests in Rowlett Creek from the trail.

Just a few hundred yards upstream there's a big dang ugly creek clog developing. It's not a pretty drink with big tires, a patio chaise, blue bags, and the usual Styrofoam suspects. Anybody familiar with the first section of the Rowlett Creek Trail at Oak Point Nature Preserve will recognize the location of this mess:

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