Rhythm band

A good walk with woodpeckers usually leads to a stiff neck and many horrible photos in the computer desktop recycle bin. My ears are trained to notice the sound of a woodpecker over the general chatter of the squirrels and the voices in my head. But yesterday the sound was different, more like a hollow Orff percussion instrument in the preschool music class. No one will accuse me of being musical, as I struggle to describe this sound as a loud tongue cluck, but wooden. This was different than yesterday's woodpecker high up in the tree.

Well, whoa! Good reason for the difference! The woodpecker in the pergola was channeling Mickey Hart. Long-time staff at the garden report this is a return engagement for the musical woodpecker. It seems to like the log posts with the steel inside.



As for the woodpeckers of Oak Point Preserve, they seem content just pecking for insects in old trees.

Valentine's Day 2013

Feathers on trail Nov. 14, 2013
January 25, 2013

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