Hello, spiders!

This noon I walked up to the patch of prairie, and was pleased to see the split rail fence and the Blackland Prairie sign. Ready to greet me at the locked gate was this delightful little jumping spider. It looks strangely like the weekend parking lot attendant at one of my jobs. Must be the mustache!

Down by the dam I peered at the seriously low water level through an orb-weaver's web.

At the dam the long-jawed orb-weavers were in abundance. And, duh, these spiders are described in field guides as "elongate". I kept misreading "elegant" instead of "elongate". They were there, upside-down, under many of the railings. In my opinion, they've still got elegance.


What a knack
there is to that

Acting like a 
born aristocrat

We got elegance,
if you ain't
got elegance

You can never
ever carry it off

Lyrics from Hello, Dolly!

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Debra said...

What great photos! I just love jumping spiders. =)