Wasting away again in Monarchville

This time each year I feel like I won the sweepstakes and get to live on the monarch migration flyway.

Oct. 17, 2013

Everything I've learned walking the trails at Oak Point inspires and informs my work as an informal educator in an outdoor science museum. It's been a long hike since I pondered my Golden Library of Knowledge Book of Butterflies and Moths by Richard A. Martin. Those late Fifties Golden books had an odd peeling plastic film over the cover and a unique smell. Still, that book plus a net constructed by my dad ignited my fascination with butterflies.

I spent the weekend conveying my darn near slack-jawed sense of wonder with young and old, photographers and toddlers. It was pretty much the most fabulous on-the-job time of my life.

Moody Oasis at the RMCAG Oct. 5, 2014

Monarchs on mistflower

RMCAG Oct. 4, 2014

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