Uncharted wilderness, not exactly

The chart is in the Resources section of the right side bar. Today we began exploring the Oak Point North Trail Extension that looks like a little green worm:

That was a round-trip walk of 1.5 miles on a wide paved surface popular with bicyclists. It goes from the big circle parking lot by the new Parks & Rec headquarters under Jupiter Road and over to a residential neighborhood. Most of it is shadeless, but everything is a lush green after all our rain. It crosses Rowlett Creek, and has one shady picnic table.

Crossing Rowlett Creek

It also has a nice, soggy meadow right now with big tadpoles and groovy invertebrates.

Plus, I got to sport my Great American Cleanup shirt;

Better than a selfie!

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Debra said...

Yay for free t-shirts!

Debra said...

Oh! These are gorgeous critters and great photos. Thanks for sharing.