Fly Through Oak Point

Somebody had a lot of drone fun recording aerial views of Oak Point Nature Preserve. I love the video, but am thwarted in attempts to embed it in this blog. Check it out!!

The singing and conversation between barn swallows sinks into my sleep about 4:40 a.m. each morning. I love the barn swallows launching off my stair railing on their insect-eating acrobatic missions.

In my best dreams of flying, I am like the barn swallows, moving untethered, effortless, steering with the least possible body movement, blissful, but without the insect diet.

In my worst dreams of flying, I am trapped in air transportation nightmares feeling overwhelmed with responsibility for too many people, enabling their inability to plan and pack, and thwarted by persons unnamed controlling the drive to the airport with no sense of time and unrealistic expectations. An insect diet would be an improvement over these stressful dreams.

My next class is about paths and trails and maps and birds' eye views and aerial perspective and I'm very, very excited. Must be the buzz from the insect breakfast! Hope to send some families to explore Oak Point.

Need more kites and maybe a drone in my life...

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Debra said...

So pretty. I saw some swallows recently at Hamilton Pool and had a flying dream. Happy sigh.