Your Insect Zodiac

What year were you born? This year, 2015, is the Year of the Chiggers. Maybe you missed the media frenzy.

I'm looking for a volunteer to plot the twelve-year cycle based on these data points:

1962 Year of the Moth in the Bathroom in the Middle of the Night
1963 Year of Grasshoppers
1964 Year of Ladybugs
1965 Year of the Sphinx Moth at the Honeysuckle Vine
1966 Year of  Bagworms
1967 Year of the Boxelder Bugs
1968 Year of Insects Trapped in Tree Sap
1974 Year of Moths in the Automobile
1988 Year of Fleas
1990 Year of Tarantulas in the T-Ball Infield
1991 Year of  Fire Ants
1992 Year of Shoveling Dead Field Crickets
1997 Year of Canna Leaf-rollers
1998 Year of Dragonfly Motivation and Creativity
1999 Year of the Crane Fly
2000 Year of the Termite Swarms in Art Class
2005 Year of Anoles Eating Cabbage Caterpillars?
2007 Year of Discovering Spiders with a Digital Camera and Year of the Grasshoppers
2010 Year of the Praying Mantis
2012 Year of West Nile Virus/ Ladybugs
2013 Year of Assassin Bugs 
2014 Year of the Native Bees and Damselflies
2015 also Year of the Litter Bug, and Year Roly Polies Crossed Over to the Dark Side

© 2014-2015 Nancy L. Ruder

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Debra said...

Oh, this is absolutely brilliant! Brava!