Ask your doctor if you have low OP

Getting out to the nature preserve on a Sunday morning while it's still below ninety degrees might be the cure for what ails you. It sure improved my outlook on life, bumping up my curiosity level, and provided relaxing photo cropping hours.

The trails still show the impact of the water flow during the May flood, but now the scoured dirt is also baked and cracked by the hundred plus days of early August. Sounds were 50% buzzing insects and 50% squirrels scraping and gnawing on pecans. Good-sized fish scowled up at me from the shallow green waters of Rowlett Creek.


At first the Caddo Trail seemed lacking in life. Rounding a curve I spotted seven moths a-sleeping low on the bark of a tree. Nearby trees had similar numbers of moths snoozing on the shaded bark. I'm still awed by their camouflage adaptation.


The moths were just sharpening my vision for the bonanza of three skinks. One declined to be photographed or sign autographs. The other two cooperated, then dropped off the bark and scurried into hidey holes at the base of their trees.

© 2014-2015 Nancy L. Ruder

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Debra said...

GREAT captures, Nancy.