Cloud-watching at Oak Point

©Carol Hartman Devall 
I flunked my Junior Meteorologist test, so I never got the badge or the cloud decoder ring. Can't tell my cirrus from my cumulonimbus.

With help from a coworker, I'm trying to build my weather knowledge up to the level of 3-8 year olds for a presentation in October. My coworker is wondering why on earth I have a hundred plus photos of clouds.

I'm wondering why I take photos of insects, then go home and find their IDs in field guides or online. When I take photos of clouds I just look at them, breathe deep, and say ah...om.

My college friend, the artist Carol Hartman Devall, captured a gorgeous sky  in Lincoln, Nebraska that sent me off on a cloud appreciation journey. And my young coworker has loaned his Audubon guide to weather along with his copy of Cloudspotting.

Oak Point popcorn

The photos below are some of my favorite skies over Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve over the five or six years I've been walking there. My cloud descriptions slant toward foods and pigments, and are of no practical use whatsoever.

© 2014-2015 Nancy L. Ruder

During the Memorial Day flooding 2015



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Debra said...

Oh these are spectacular clouds and skies. We are planning a trip to Dallas in the near future. I hope we can find some time to visit this place.