If a bear is smart, if a bear is clever...

Busy bees at Plano Environmental Education Center 

Sad to admit much of what I know about bees I learned from the Berenstain's Papa Bear in The Big Honey Hunt.

Yesterday a parent asked me whether planting milkweed for monarch butterflies might attract BAD insects. Like what? BEES! I sure hope so, but that was not the desired answer.

This fallen branch filled with bees is not at Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve. There must be bee trees at OPPNP, but I've never had one fall across a trail right in front of me.  The EEC bee tree looks a lot like the one Papa Bear and Small Bear found. I bet I read that book 300 times to my Small Bear!

Oh, to be a bee at OPPNP!

Red yucca in the Los Rios parking area

July bee in the meadow

Bee on basket flower June 2013

Near bridge across Rowlett Creek from Spring Creek parking.

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Love these photos.