Grasslands, man

I don't know diddly about grass, but I did get to see Bo Diddley play in Oklahoma City right after the dinosaurs died out. The late Eighties were a challenging time, with three small boys and a lack of babysitters. I did not get out much.

Last time I walked at Oak Point expecting to be wowed by butterflies, the beauties on display were the grasses. The only grass I can reliably identify is inland sea oats, so I won't embarrass myself trying to name these. On a glorious September Sunday morning they were golden.

This volunteer hippie plant at work was not what we wondered on first glance. It's good to have a botany intern.

A vitex bush sprouted in the milkweed area


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Photographe à Dublin said...

What a lovely post.

I love grasses and find that Briza is particularly photogenic.

Flower meadows are really fashionable in Europe at the moment and the context given by grasses is a joy.

Debra said...


I'm with you. The only grass I can reliably id is inland sea oats. I really ought to make an effort to learn more.

Collagemama said...

They are surprisingly diverse, but I can't keep their names in my head.