Scheduling little blocks for sanity

What fiendish genii created the shared Outlook calendar? Already juggling two job calendars that look like Duplo Does Tetris. I've been using Outlook for a full year now, but I forget all my coworkers can see appointments dubbed "Sanity Day Off", "Anniversary of Big Snake in Toy Box", or "Will There Be Bagels?"

On the good side, this was a "Mental Health Afternoon". I went out to Oak Point to see the interactive gizmos in the new Visitor Center, and took a walk in the drizzle. The light rain and gray sky fit my mindset, but the interactive map was impressive. The meeting rooms are very well designed for your next corporate or club event.

On the worried side, the water level is very low in the Oak Point lake. Yes, perhaps we will have flash flooding the next few days. Or maybe I'll sprout fuchsia feathery antlers while dropping little rectangular cells reserving sanity into my calendar. Or I might wear a colander on my head with sparkly pipe-cleaners attached.

Green and blue nature therapy has been seriously absent from my life lately. I need my compare and contrast slow observation rambles. 

The sprinkles were off and on this gray afternoon, but now the real showers have begun. Thunder and splashy traffic on the nearby busy street.

The colander is in the dishwasher, so that will have to wait for another block on the calendar.

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Debra said...

I hope when your coworkers see those listings that they are reminded to be people! haha. Loved reading this post. It was beautifully writte

Collagemama said...

I appreciate your comments.