Zipping through the woods

"What are all these orange tags, tapes, posts, and spray paint lines?," we asked each other. Dead trees to be removed? Brush to be cleared? Obviously, some work is planned along the Willow Springs Trail.

"What's up with the tiny stockade?"

"Maybe it's a fort for port-a-potties!"


But no, we realize, the commercial zip line adventure inside the city nature preserve is now under construction. It was so many months ago that I heard about the project, I had hoped it was nixed by the legal department due to liability concerns.

Oh, woe is me! Our undiscovered gem is turning into an entertainment destination for thrill-seekers. The quiet contemplation of nature is likely to be pierced with shrieks.

Why am I being such a curmudgeon about this development in my dear OPPNP? What upsets me most is this development crosses the area where I've seen bobcats and nesting hawks. How will they react to the tree canopy invasion?

© 2014-2015 Nancy L. Ruder


Debra said...

grrr. My attorney recommends I do not share with you my joy in removing tags and tapes and other nonsense.

Collagemama said...

The Parks Department shared this information about the zip line when I asked today:

Thanks for asking. This will actually be a tree canopy experience operated by Go Ape. The course is designed to:
• Provide Plano residents and Retreat Center guests a fun, unique recreational experience
• Challenge mental and physical barriers
• Promote a greater appreciation for the park’s natural features by affording a different outdoor perspective
• Provide guests a more meaningful experience and deeper interaction with the park. We anticipate it opening in February.