Not bagpipes, not Beyonce

Watched a group of intrepid zip-line adventurers don their harnesses this noon. They were a bit nervous, and asked for loud music, preferably BeyoncĂ©,  to propel them across the creek. Walking on Caddo Trail below their zippy adventure, I  succumbed to the urge to tell the zippers and Go Ape employees that nature walkers do NOT want blaring music. Thank heaven my walking buddy was not along for this confirmation of her prediction of nature preserve apocalypse.

Music was indeed blaring and throbbing from across Rowlett Creek. It wasn't a celebration of the new zip line. It was Holi Festival of Colors* with music that sounded like Ravi Shankar on bagpipes. The chickadees didn't mind. The tufted titmouse carried on. Cedar waxwings ravaged and pillagedRed admiral butterflies had their own festival at a sun-warmed bend of the creek.

Grasses sprout atop the flood debris heaps from last May. Will the mounds gradually decompose hidden beneath a green cloak of invisibility?

Noon sunlight shimmers on spider zip lines. Elm seed caught in webs slow dance.  A tiny spider prepares tax returns on the first day of spring.

*Holi Festival of Colors is a modern adaptation of an ancient Hindu tradition. Holi is a celebration of love and faith where people get together and cover each other with bright colors. Soon, everyone is indistinguishable from one another and in this way, people are reminded that we are all the same, unbound by traditional divisions. Plano's version of this unifying event also features live performances, DJs, savory Indian food, hookahs, a bonfire and more.

© 2014-2016 Nancy L. Ruder

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