Not an office supply!

Ah, nature, right here in my little home. When I reached down beside the shelf to pick up my Kindle a brown rubber band bounced out at me. You know how they can kind of spring when twisted? So I grabbed it to throw it away, and it was really a very scared tiny gecko. It didn't register at first, because it felt just like a rubber band, too.

Now it's under the bed where it can probably live quite well, judging from all the little spiders I disturbed in my massive clean-up yesterday.

A much bigger gecko at my old condo.

It's too hot and humid to go out in search of nature right now, but nature is finding me. Out in the common area by the pool I can see ravenous dragonflies on patrol. This one met me at my front door one morning this week.

The folks at iNaturalist say Neon Skimmer.

And now, a fifty year flashback! We sang along every time it came on the radio of the Pontiac Catalina during our Colorado vacation. And doesn't "neon skimmer" sound totally 1966?

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