Log, log time ago, I can still remember

After Mozart's birthday but before Presidents' Day there's The Day The Music Died. My discovery of Buddy Holly came decades after the Clear Lake, Iowa plane crash of February 3, 1959. Don McLean's "American Pie" was a huge hit during high school, and even if we didn't really get it, we sure sang along on the chorus. That was the mental mash-up when I was photographing the sections of the fallen forest guardian, and the cause of a persistent ear worm all week.  

It's not been a shivery February, but there's been lots of bad news on the doorstep. On the bright side, the cut sections of the giant fallen tree at the intersection of Rowlett Creek Trail and Rowlett Creek Trail Connection are sprouting tiny fuzzy snowflake fungi.

The decomposition of this old guardian in the woods will be fascinating to observe. It's been slightly over a year since it fell to earth.

Fungi snowflakes
Beautiful bark

Buddy Holly Center

So bracket fungi = poodle skirts--who knew?

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